How To Create Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop?

To create paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop:

Quickbooks Desktop having different option to run and create the paychecks. There are following steps:

  • If you want to pay your employees first you need to have a look at these things:
  • You must be active your payroll service.
  • Then download the latest updated tax table
  • You can download the table here US and Canada.
  • Put the Quickbooks Desktop in single-user mode.
  • Create the payroll item.
  • Enter the employee withholding information into Quickbooks Desktop.
  • If you want to pay the employee through Direct Deposit information in the employee profile (applies to the US, UK  only)
  • Create paychecks in the same company file
  • Where you have been creating paychecks

Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Go to Employees and then Pay Employees.
  • Choose the option that is required.

Paychecks option:

  • There are three options available in Quickbooks Desktop for creating paychecks. You can select any options which are given because the steps to create paychecks are the same.

Scheduled payroll

If you are paying your employees on a regular basis just ex: weekly, monthly, etc. Then scheduled payroll should be your primary choice. It also allows grouping of employees from the different schedule but payroll schedule dates should be correct before running scheduled payroll.

Unscheduled Payroll

If your employees aren’t set up for a scheduled payroll or if you are doing not pay your employees regularly, or are paying them an off cycle paycheck or a bonus check or commission check that is not integrated with their normal paycheck. You should be navigated directly to Enter Payroll information Window.

Termination check

It is used once you have to pay a released/ terminated employee’s last paycheck. Intuit assist you in making a final bank check coming into the employee date and marking them inactive (optional)

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Steps to create paychecks in Quickbooks Desktop

Select Employeeà Pay Employees.

Select the option that applies to you (select to read more below).

Choose from the following options:

Scheduled payroll:

  • Quickbooks Desktop will take you to the Payroll Center and Pay Employee tab
  • From the Create Paychecks section, select the proper schedule.
  • Click on the Start Schedule Payroll Quickbooks Desktop will open up the Enter Payroll Information window.

Unscheduled payroll:

  • QuickBooks Desktop will take you directly to enter payroll information window.
  • Termination Check: Quickbooks  Desktop is work as entering payroll information window. Termination is a late payroll following the step creates to termination paycheck.
  • Choose the printing Option that applies to you.
  • Select the option required for printing.

For check options:

  • Select print paychecks on check stock to queue paychecks for printing from Desktop Quickbooks.

To get more help, contact QuickBooks customer service team.