How to Display Most Popular Tags in WordPress?


Do you want to know the most important thing in WordPress tags? Tags and classes are the two different ways which are helpful to differentiate your content in WordPress. Classes typically use additional function to enlarge their functionality. But tags flow small degree and perfection.

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How to Categories Tags in WordPress?

By categorizing tags in WordPress, it gives two methodology to differentiate articles in WordPress. Classes in WordPress tags defines the topics or sections more effectively which is well suited for specific topic or concept at the intervals to the context of any article. If the square measure tools is not responding for users that this activity gives uncomfortably to your blogs as well as articles.

Once you understand the functionality between clases and tags then you will doubtely add additional tags and functions into your website. After doing this at all you will be able to place classes classes inside the navigation menus.

The another way to add additional tags into your website is cloud device. This cloud device criteria can easily add tags, by clicking “widgets page” and then “Add Tag” Cloud device to a sidebar.

Now, look at the points to understand tags adding ways:

  • First methodology is to show only those tags in WordPress which are useful instead of adding all.
  • Then you have to install and add tag plugin in WordPress and also activate them.
  • For activation, you would go to the widgets page and click on add cloud button in the sidebar.
  • You can also display style tags in WordPress manually.

This methodology will help you to add tags in WordPress site. First, you would like to extract this code to your function.php file in WordPress or a site-specific plugin.

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